History of Wagah Border – Flag Ceremony Timings & Distance

Wagah Border is an international border between India & Pakistan. It lies on the Grand Trunk Road of both countries. It was established after the partition of India. At the time of independence in 1947, the partition was made between two countries by the British govt. This border was the main crossing between both the countries, through which people migrated from India to Pakistan at the time of partition. Wagah is a village located in the tehsil of Wahga, Lahore (Pakistan). It is 600 meters west of the border on G.T. Road of Lahore. This border was named after Wagah village located in Pakistan.

History of Wagah Border Amritsar
Wagah Border Amritsar (Source: Tripadvisor)

Wagah Border is 37km from Amritsar city and located on the G.T. Road of both the countries. It is also a main international transit terminal with road connectivity. Rail connectivity between India & Pakistan lies at Attari Border. Wagah Border is 3 kilometers from Attari Border.

Retreat Ceremony was started in 1959 upon agreeing by Governments of both the countries. The motive to start this ceremony was to influence the brotherhood between Indian Border Security Force (BSF) and Pakistani Rangers.

Other India-Pakistan borders in Punjab

Sulaimanki Border, Punjab (Pakistan) / Fazilka Border, Punjab (India)

Ganda Singh Wala Border (Pakistan) / Hussainiwala Border, Punjab (India)

Wagah Border Retreat Ceremony (Also Called Parade)

Wagah Border is also a tourist point, because of ‘Beating Retreat’ ceremony happens every day here before sunset. The Beating Retreat ceremony basically is the lowering of flags ceremony, which Border Security Force & Pakistani rangers practice daily. This practice was started in 1959 to symbolize the brotherhood & cooperation between two countries. This ceremony not only carried out at Wagah Border but at other Indo-Pakistan borders also. If you are in Amritsar, you must visit Wagah Border to see this ceremony.

Parade Timings

We know you are eager to see Parade (Retreat Ceremony) at Wagah Border. Parade timings vary during Summer & Winter seasons. In the summer season parade starts at 5:15 PM and in winter it starts at 4:15 PM. Wagah Border Parade lasts for 45 minutes and gets over when BSF lower down the Flag. It’s best to reach Wagah Border 1 hour before the retreat ceremony starts. Because not everyone gets the seats and you may miss seeing Ceremony comfortably.

How to Reach Wagah Border from Amritsar?

There are a lot of auto-rickshaws, shared Taxis and private buses run on this route. These Auto Rickshaws and buses will drop you at Custom Check Post, few meters before the entrance gate. These sources are always overcrowded because of the increasing number of tourists in Amritsar. You will have to approach local rickshaw drivers again and bargain, which is the main fight after the Retreat ceremony gets over. Plus these rickshaw drivers charge you fare as per their convenience.

To avoid this hassle & enjoy your journey till Wagah Border, the best option is to book a return Taxi in advance. Especially if you are with the family. By hiring your private car, the main convenience would be, the car will be booked dedicatedly for you.

Golden Temple to Wagah Border Distance

The distance from Golden Temple to Wagah Border is 30KM. However, this distance varies from Railway Station & Airport. Distance from Railway Station to Wagah Border is 27KM and distance from Airport is 35Km.

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