How to reach Wagah Border from Amritsar – All you need to know about this route

After arriving in Amritsar city, the question that often will come to your mind is how to reach Wagah Border? The city has all the options to commute. The distance between Amritsar to Wagah Border is 28 Kilometres. There are a lot of auto-rickshaws, shared Taxis and private buses run on this route.

How to reach Wagah Border from Golden Temple?

After visiting Golden Temple and Jallianwala Bagh, it’s time for you to visit Wagah Border. Make sure to leave for Wagah Border till 2 Noon to grab your seat. Seats at the border are on a first come first serve basis. There will be a lot of Auto/Car vendors in Heritage Street near Golden Temple, who will be asking for a Wagah Border trip. You can board shared Auto or shared Car who are ready to leave quickly after filling whole the space in their vehicle. The disadvantage is these sources are always overcrowded because of the increasing number of tourists in Amritsar. You can negotiate a fare with these vendors.

How to reach the Border from Railway Station?

Either you can book a personal cab or board a local bus run on this route. A lot of local buses run the whole day. They will drop you at Custom Check Post, few meters before the entrance gate of Wagah Border.

How to reach the Border from Amritsar Airport?

The best option to reach Wagah Border from Airport is to hire a prepaid Taxi or Personal cab from Ola. To avoid any hassle & enjoy your journey to Wagah Border, the best option is to book a return Taxi in advance. Especially if you are with the family. By hiring your private car, the main convenience would be, the car will be booked dedicatedly for you.

Below are the steps to rent a car on Ola Cabs:

  1. Open Ola Cabs Website into your browser.

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  1. Click on Rentals and enter your pickup location.

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  1. In the Package drop-down, Select Wagah Package.

  1. In the ‘When’ Dropdown, Select your preferred day & Time.

  1. Select your preferred car type and schedule your ride.


Distance & Time duration to reach

The total distance from Golden Temple to Wagah Border is 30Km. Distance from Railway Station to Wagah Border is 28Km and from Amritsar airport is 28Km. It takes 1 hour to reach Wagah Border. It is better to reach Wagah Border 1 hour before the retreat ceremony starts. Parade timings vary during Summer & Winter seasons. In the Summer season parade starts at 5:15 PM and in Winter it starts at 4:15 PM. Wagah Border Parade lasts for 45 minutes and gets over when BSF lower down the Flag. Because not everyone gets the seats and you may miss seeing Ceremony comfortably.

Wagah Border Tickets – Where to Buy & Price

Entry to Wagah Border is totally Free. You don’t need to pay a single penny to enjoy the retreat ceremony that happens every day. Just reach Wagah Border 1 hour before the retreat ceremony starts. By doing so you will be able to have seats on a first come first serve basis and capture the cheerful moments comfortably.

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