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How Old is Golden Temple?

Harmandir Sahib was built in 1604 by the Fifth Guru of Sikhs Guru Arjan Dev Ji. Since then it is open for all castes & creeds. Later in the 18th century, it was covered by Gold by Sikh Emperor Maharaja Ranjit Singh.

Is Golden Temple made of Real Gold?

Initially, Golden Temple was built with white marble, which was later covered by real Gold plates during the era of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. In the 19th century, 100Kg of Gold was used to cover the dome of the building, which is later increased to about 750Kg to cover the whole building from inside & outside.

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Golden Temple Amritsar Night View (Source: The Hindu)

How much Gold is used in Golden Temple?

It is said that about 750Kg of Gold is used to cover the building from inside & outside.

What is inside of Gurudwara (Temple) worth to see?

Sikh ‘Holy Book’ called Guru Granth Sahib is established in the temple, where devotee bows their heads and pay prayer. Apart from Holy Book, the gold work is worth seeing. The dome & walls are covered with Gold plates. The artwork on the walls witnesses the hard work done by ancient workers while building the Temple.

The old Hand Written Holy Book is installed upstairs in the same building. This Handwritten Holy Book was established by Guru Arjan Dev (5th Guru) for the first time in the 15th century in Gurudwara.

When is Golden Temple open?

Golden Temple campus is open 24 hours and you can see the glistering beauty any time. It is said that it is worth to see it at night time when glistering reflection sparkles on ‘Pool’. However, the main Temple closes at 11 PM and reopens at 3 AM every day.

Do you need to book in advance to see Golden Temple?

Not at all. Pilgrimages can come anytime and enter the Golden Temple campus to see its beauty. Every entrance is open 24 hours.

What’s the best way to see Golden Temple?

On Arrival, You can have fresh food in ‘Langar Hall’ a Free Kitchen. Then head to the entrance of the Temple and put yourself in Que. The queue normally takes 15-20 minutes till you touch the main Temple entrance. After getting out upon paying prayer take delicious ‘Prasad’ made of Ghee, Flour & Sugar.

After exiting, you can head to ‘Akal Takhat’, an authorized place of Sikhs, where all the orders of Sikhism are release for the community. Historical weapons of Guru Hargobind (6th Guru) and Guru Gobind Singh (10th Guru) are installed in Akal Takhat.

Upon visiting Akal Takhat, You can take a Dip in ‘Holy Pool’ also called ‘Sarovar’. It is said that whoever takes a dip in this pool gets rid of all the troubles in life & sins.

Now you can visit the ‘Sikh Museum’ situated in the clock tower building.

Do’s & Don’ts

  • Remove your shoes before entering the complex. You can keep shoes in shoe store outside the complex for free. Get the receipt for the same.
  • Wash your feet & hands with water flowing on the entrance.
  • Keep your head covered all the time while you are in the complex. You can cover your head with your handkerchief or get the free scarf at the entrance.
  • Don’t wear shorts (Male & Female both). Else you will be stopped to enter the premises. Always wear clothes covering your body & legs.
  • DO NOT carry alcohol, cigarettes, meat, or any type of drug while in the shrine.
  • Do not break the queue.

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